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OU IDATRADING Company profile

OU IDATRADING (established 11/15/2011,VAT EE101498197,Reg.No.12191904) provides turnkey engineering and design, procurement, installation and maintenance for complete needs security systems – everything from position location system to thermo vision equipment, anti-jamming technology and more. And with more than 8 years of experience and professional technicians and engineers, OU IDATRADING is ready for any navigations and thermo vision project for security systems. OU IDATRADING has launched the next generation of navigation systems at anti-jamming technology. The new applications stand out with modern, consistent user interfaces and an unparalleled intuitiveness in use.

OU IDATRADING is innovating to deliver reliable, accurate and affordable GNSS solutions, from the use of best-in-its-class RTK technology for its hardware receivers, positioning software to bring OU IDATRADING’s accuracy to others’ receivers to a cloud corrections network that removes the geographical restrictions and complexity of deploying and maintaining GNSS networks.

OU IDATRADING’s GNSS solutions deliver an order-of-magnitude higher precision at a fraction of the cost of traditional GPS solutions. OU IDATRADING is already at work navigating an automated future in autonomous vehicles, UAV, robotics, rail, survey, control, agriculture and other industries. OU IDATRADING products are designed and assembled in Narva, Estonia and benefit customers across the globe.

We are a community of employees, partners and customers who are committed to growth, for future generations. As a team, we perform with a purpose. Together we celebrate our successes.