AJDS-300 Anti-Jamming Data System

Wireless networking plays an important role in achieving ubiquitous computing where network devices embedded in environments provide continuous connectivity and services, thus improving human’s quality of life. However, due to the exposed nature of wireless links, current wireless networks can be easily attacked by jamming technology. Jamming can cause Denial-of-Service (DoS) problem which may result in several other higher-layer security problems, although these are often not adequately addressed.

Jamming in wireless networks is defined as the disruption of existing wireless communications by decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio at receiver sides through the transmission of interfering wireless signals. Jamming is different from regular network interferences because it describes the deliberate use of wireless signals in an attempt to disrupt communications whereas interference refer to unintentional forms of disruptions. Unintentional interference may be caused by the wireless communications among nodes within the same networks or other devices (e.g. microwave and remote controller). On the other hand, intentional interference is usually conducted by an attacker who intends to interrupt or prevent communications in networks. Jamming can be done at different levels, from hindering transmission to distorting packets in legitimate communications.

AJDS-300 Applications

  • Power generation and distribution companies and other utility companies
  • Data Link of Defense Networks
  • Data Link airports and aviation communications
  • Data Link railway signaling networks and railway communications Data Link Ground Station to UAV

AJDS-300 Dimensions
Frequency range300 to 360 MHz

Number of frequencies

15 000

Anti-Jam Performance(number of jumps per second)

50 000

Continuous radiation time at one frequency

17 microseconds


-122 dB

Transmitter power

1 W or 5 W




4 Watts


300 g

Operating Temperature:


Operating Humidity:

Max. 85%

Antenna for AJDS-300

Frequency range300 to 360 MHz


9 dBi

Power (max)

10 Watts

Dimensions / Weight:

D 160 x 160 mm / 300 g

Operating Temperature:

-40 to +50°C

Amplifier for AJDS-300

Frequency range300 to 360 MHz

Power Supply

15 V DC

Power Input (max)

2 or 5 Watts

Dimensions / Weight:

80 x 159.6 x 19 mm / 500 g

Operating Temperature:

-40 to +50°C
Amplifier Dimensions