AJRS-20 Anti-Jamming Radio System

Modern theatres of operation demand real-time coordination between multiple ground, air, and marine forces. In today’s complex tactical scenarios, easy-to- use, interoperable and secure communications are mission-critical

A Military, Combat-Proven, Modular Solution Designed specifically to meet the challenges of multiple- force engagements, the AJRS-20 offers ground, sea, and air units wide frequency band coverage and waveforms – enabling simple and secure voice and data communications with a wide range of forces, units and stations, from a single R/T unit. Offering the most comprehensive feature set of its class, the AJRS-20 is combat-proven, already exceeding the expectations of military organizations around the world. The rugged and Lightweight, AJRS-
20 leverages OU IDATRADING’s
synchronous-orthogonal frequency
hopping technology.

Built-in Information Security and

Immunity Encryption

• Very high level of voice and data security (digital encryption)
• Maximum security over the
entire frequency band from 300 to
360 MHz

A Platform for Growth

Ideal for use at the tactical level, the flexible AJRS-20 is the basic building block for creation of platoon-level and above voice and data communications infrastructure. With a complete line of addons, the AJRS-20 is available in variety of configuration packages for Land, Sea and Airborne. The AJRS-20 enables a full range of communication solutions, from standalone radios to turnkey C4I systems.

Anti-Jamming ECCM)

  • Frequency hopping over the entire frequency band 300 to 360 MHz
  • Synchronous orthogonal frequency hopping minimizes friendly collocation interference and improves anti-jamming immunity
  • PTT-oriented, self-distributed synchronization eliminates need for master stations and provides immediate operation readiness
  • Very high probability of synchronization and resynchronization under severe jamming conditions
  • Spoofing resistant

Data Communications

  • Data communications over the entire frequency band from 300 to 360 MHz
  • Powerful data rate and data mode (sync/async) adapter
  • Sophisticated and robust error correction and high probability of error-free data transfer under severe communication conditions
  • Synchronous and asynchronous modes of operation and interface
Frequency range300 to 360 MHz
Number of frequencies/Channels:15 000
Frequencyhopping spread spectrum/ Number of jumps per second50 000
Continuous radiation time at one frequency17 microseconds
Sensitivity-122 dB
Transmitter Power20 W
Data Rate16 Kbit/s
Voltage (Vehicular/Base)27-30V DC
Dimensions165 x 45 x 55 mm
Weight:2000 g
Operating Temperature:-30-50°C

Antenna for AJRS-20

Frequency range300 to 360 MHz
Gain9 dBi
Power (max)10 Watts
Dimensions / Weight:D 160 x 160 mm / 300 g
Operating Temperature:-40 to +50°C