AJS-1 Anti-Jamming NTP Server

AJS-1 NTP Server is a high precision multi-service, time and frequency synchronization solution which can be used to provide ITU-T, G.811 Primary Reference Clocks which are referenced to a GNSS or GPS source, as well as to synchronize the time-of-day and frequency across multiple nodes of the network. AJS-1 GNSS or GPS Primary Reference (PRC) Clock is specifically designed for he synchronization of 2G, 3G,HetNet and LTE mobile telecommunications networks as well as backhaul wire-line SDH / SONET and Synchronous Ethernet networks. It may be also used by Railways, Airports (including airtraffic control), Power generation and distribution companies and other Utility companies who not only require a highly precise timeof-day and G.811 frequency synchronization locked to a GPS Reference but who also need to distribute highly precise time-ofday and frequency synchronization across all nodes of their networks. The AJS-1 is always locked to a GPS reference to provide multiple G.811 / Stratum 1 quality frequency and time-of-day (IRIG-B and NTP) outputs. The AJS-1 is also equipped highly accurate, low-noise OCXO / Rubidium oscillator which provides a high stability holdover clock that is typical of a Network SSU in the event of the GPS signal or its antenna failure.

Anti-Jamming NTP Server Applications

  • Synchronizing Cellular networks like UMTS, GPRS, 3G and LTE
  • Power generation and distribution companies and other utility companies
  • Wireless and Wireline Telecom synchronization
  • Distributing Time (ToD) and Frequency reference for power utilities across all nodes of the network
  • Synchronization of Defense Networks
  • Synchronizing airports and aviation communications
  • Synchronizing railway signaling networks and railway communications
  • Synchronizing traffic management
  • Broadcasting Network and Broadcast equipment synchronization.
Anti-Jamming Antenna Dimensions
Anti-Jamming Antenna:GPS L1 + GLONASS L1
Anti-Jamming AntennaDimensions/ Weight:172 x 172 x 43 mm / 1000 g
Anti-Jam Performance(20 MHz broadband jammer):90 J/S
Timing Accuracy:Network: ± 12 milliseconds, typicalGPS: <1 microseconds, relative to UTC
NTP Time Requests:>5,000 requests per minute
OscillatorsVoltage Controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators, +/- 0.5 ppm
Power Consumption:8 Watts
Anti-Jamming NTP ServerDimensions/ Weight:61 × 127 × 134 mm / 500 g
Protocols Networks/ NetIP v4, TCP, UDP / Single RJ-45 Network Connection 10/100 MBit
Operating System:Linux
Protocols (NTP & SNTP):NTP: v2 (RFC 1119), v3 (RFC1305), v4 (RFC 2131)SNTP: v3 (RFC 1769), v4 (RFC 2030)
Input Interface:1 PPS, TTL, SMA; NMEA, RS-232
Output Interface:– 1 PPS (1 Hz), TTL,SMA;- 10 MHz, TTL, 50 Om, SMA;- IRIG AM, DCLS,TTL, SMA,- NMEA,RS-232
Interface:2 x RS-232, DB-9: Terminal/ NMEA; NMEA,1PPS
Power supply:12 or 36V DC
Operating Temperature:0-50°C / 32-122°F
Operating Humidity:Max. 85%