AMPS-1M Advanced Mobile Personnel Screening

Security & Detection System

Terahertz radar coded-aperture imaging technology can achieve high-resolution, forward-looking and staring imaging by producing spatiotemporal independent signals in the imaging area.

People screening requirements now cover a broad swathe of applications, ranging from high volume, high throughput public places such as transport hubs, shopping malls and cultural sites or events, through to visitor and employee screening at key asset or VIP sites and infrastructure locations. Recent incidents have highlighted the growing danger of person-borne threats, typically hidden weapons and explosives. This includes metal and non-metal objects, plastics, liquids, ceramics, wood etc. – indeed, anything that may be an offensive weapon.

Passive screening technologies that have the ability to screen people at a distance and in real time have been developed over the past 10 years. Two passive technologies have emerged: millimetre wave and terahertz. Both operate as receivers only. Camera units collect low-energy millimetre wave or terahertz waves naturally produced by all objects and people. Nothing is emitted by the camera units during the screening process so they are totally harmless.

Safe, effective, and proven in the market to keep working in fast-paced and demanding environments to detect both metallic and non-metallic objects

One of the most pressing requirements is the need to screen people for concealed automatic weapons and PBIEDs (person-borne improvised explosive devices), and to do so in high footfall, high throughput locations such as retail shopping malls, sports stadia or cultural events.

If you take the example of a luxury retail mall, they typically have many entry points ranging from the large visually attractive main pedestrian entrances to escalator or lift entrances from car parks or public transport networks. Retail locations, cultural and sports stadia must remain open and welcoming to the public. Security screening technology cannot be visually intimidating to the public.
Flexibility of installation is therefore a critical requirement. Increasing security to screen people for threats in such locations has hitherto meant using ‘stop and search’ tactics, or airport-style security.

This is inappropriate for the retail environment and inconvenient for members of the public as it may delay their movement. For these reasons, the deployment of active airport style ‘body scanning’ equipment is widely considered to be unsuitable within the retail environment.

Key features

  • Detect and identify hidden explosives materials in an automated fashion without operator interpretation.
  • Reliable detection of automatic weapons and PBIEDs (person-borne improvised explosive devices), metals, mobile phone, plastics, ceramics (weapons printed on a 3D printer), liquids, gels and powders in real-time;
  • Investigate the contents of envelopes and paper packages without opening them;
  • High-quality terahertz, infrared and visible band imaging for easy to use, accurate detection of concealed objects;
  • Safe and non – invasive passive screening technology with no capture or recording of intimate body details;
  • Full height imaging of a person at a distance of 15 m;
  • Suitable for indoor operation in environmentally controlled facilities – with floor mounted installation;
  • Integration into a wider security architecture – SDK for integration into broader security solution;
  • For mobile installation in shopping malls, cultural and sports stadia, music and film festival, border points.

OU IDATRADING is using innovative terahertz/optoelectronic-based threat detection technologies to create superior, cost-effective products for revealing person-borne improvised explosive devices, typically hidden weapons and explosives, hidden from plain sight.
These defensive technologies provide police and security services with increased situational awareness resulting in the preservation of both military and civilian lives.


Passive Screening Unit (PSU)+Automated Operator Workplace (AOW) + Network Attached Storage (NAS)+ PSU Software

Passive Screening Unit (PSU):
High-quality terahertz camera: 0.23 – 0.27 THz
Thermal imaging camera: 8 – 14 μm
Imaging Distance: 15 m
PSU Size: 665 x 545 x 213 mm
PSU Weight: 25 kg
Operating Temperature: 0 to 45 º C
PSU Power Consumption: 150 W
Time detection of a person of scanning of 2 sec;
Automatic target detection functionality to assist operators in identifying potential objects of interest;

Radar system

Radar system: 2 GHz
Radar Distance: 3000 m

MSC-1M Mobile Security Checkpoint

Such mobility able to attend anywhere, anytime would be an asset in any crowd management situation.

The MSC-1M Mobile security checkpoint has applications around venues that need to set up a security cordon for a major event, such as an Olympics, or as part of a concert audience queuing system. The comprehensive CCTV images were fed back, via secured wifi to the control unit in real time with full auditing capability for evidential gathering.

The MSC-1M vehicle includes the Passive Screening Unit, the Automated Operator Workplace, the Network Attached Storage, the Digital Video Recorder and 4x Thermal Video Cam’s.

Vehicle Features:

  • Wi-Fi Systems Security Radio Systems
  • 12.5 KW Diesel generator
  • Exterior emergency and scene lights
  • Exterior storage cabinets
  • Back up camera with additional side view cameras

The challenge of protecting critical infrastructure and public facilities is becoming increasingly difficult for security forces. The growing level of complexity makes fully integrated, networked security systems necessary. This can only be achieved by a combination and connection of both mobile and stationary security applications.

The MSC-1M Mobile security checkpoint has reliable detection of automatic weapons and PBIEDs (person-borne improvised explosive devices), metals, mobile phone, plastics, ceramics (weapons printed on a 3D printer), liquids, gels and powders in real-time.

Carnival, Christmas markets, sporting events – protecting public spaces, events and facilities these days has an entirely new level of urgency due to the global threat of terrorism. With the increasing threat of acts of terror and violence, it becomes ever more important to protect crowds of people. The greatest risk emanates from bomb attacks, positioned either on the attacker’s body or placed in a vehicle, and from hidden weapons. They need to be tracked down before they can reach critical areas with large numbers of people.

With the MSC-1M screening vehicle, the vision of a fully integrated mobile security concept becomes reality: As a mobile security centre, it carries innovative detection and screening equipment, including metal and liquid explosive detectors. People and baggage are scanned in the vehicle through walk-through slots and they can also be connected with mobile scanners outside the vehicle. This all happens in real-time. All activities, whether inside or outside the MSS sprinter, are visualised using video security solutions delivered by OU IDATRADING specifically to meet these requirements.