RVNS-1M Rugged Vehicle Navigation System

Product Advantages

  • Received signals from satellite navigation systems GLONASS L1/L2 + GPS L1/L2;
  • Integrated display device (liquid crystal display) of the control and navigation unit for displaying the course, coordinates, speed and time to the driver;
  • Solid state drive built in navigation unit for automatic recording and storage of the route of vehicles (“black box”) – up to 480 000 waypoints;
  • High precision vehicle positioning – 1,5m;
  • Automatic display of the vehicle on the displays of a computer unit with an electronic navigation map “Operator” combat geographic information system.

The composition of the product

1- Control and navigation unit; 2- Antenna; 3- Power adapter; 4- High frequency cable; 5- Cable RS-232; 6- Power cable.

Name and designationQuantity
1Control and navigation unit1
3Network adapter1
4Power cable2
5High frequency cable2 (5 meters)
6Cable RS1
7One set of spare parts and accessories1
8Set of operational documents1
9Protective case1

Types of work

  • Reception and processing of signals from satellite navigation systems GLONASS and GPS;
  • Automatic calculation of current geographic coordinates;
  • Display on the screen of the integrated display device (display): Geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude); speeds, km / h; Track angle (direction of movement); Dates and times, GMT, Greenwich; The quantity of satellites visible and involved in the navigation solution: separately by GLONASS and GPS;
  • Record and storage of navigation data in the built-in solid-state drive of information (“black box”) up to 480 000 waypoints;
  • Issue of measured values of the traveling angle and navigation parameters to external devices of vehicles.

Basic performance characteristics

Control and navigation unit
1Satellite navigation receiver – received GLONASS signals, frequency rangeL1 + L2
2Satellite Navigation Receiver – received GPS signals, frequency rangeL1 + L2
3The total quantity of reception channels for the satellite navigation receiver120
4SSD (black box), memory, (Mbps)128
5Accuracy of determination of navigation parameters by location/height, (m)1,5 /5
6Course accuracy, (degree)0,12
7Accuracy of determining navigation parameters by speed, (m / s)0.05
8Liquid crystal display, (mm)70,4 х 20,8
9Dimensions (with bracket and shock absorber), (mm)198 х 132 х 85
10Supply voltage, (V)+ 12±3
11Mass (g)1200 ± 50
12Working temperatures, (°С)from -20ºC to +65°С
13Received GLONASS signals, frequency rangeL1+L2
14Received GPS signals, frequency rangeL1+L2
15Working temperatures, (°С)from -40ºC to +65°С
16Dimensions with bracket, (mm)100 x 100 x 6
17Mass, (g)1000 ± 10
Network adapter
18Input voltage (constant), (V)+30
19Output voltage (constant), (V)+12
20Working temperatures ,(°С)from -40 to +85
21Dimensions, (mm)203 x 123 x 55,4
22Mass, (g)1000 ± 10
Control and navigation unit Antenna

Liquid Crystal Display Information